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ModelDescriptionPriceRatingMore Information
Magic Wand Deluxe
Magic Wand Deluxe
A mains powered vibrator with varying speeds from a gentle pulse to a rampant and intense vibration.£49.994/5More Information
Mini Magic Wand
Mini Magic Wand Vibrator
This pocket rocket is the younger cousin of the magic wand deluxe. This vibrator is more compact and easier to move and work around the body. But still bringing the same orgasmic power as the deluxe.£24.994.5/5More Information
Body Wand Vibrator
bodywand vibrator
A medium sized wand vibrator with an intensity rocker to easily control the level of stimulation. Mains powered with a flexible neck to allow it to move with the contours of your body.£59.995/5More Information
Body Wand Mini Magic
bodywand mini vibrator
Turbo Strength micro vibrator that really packs a punch. This vibrator is so small it can fit in the palm of your hand. But don't let the size fool you it will really blow your hair back. £18.994/5More Information
Tracey Cox Supersex Wand
Tracey Cox SuperSex Wand
This battery powered intimate massager wand is a great alternative to the more expensive mains powered Hitachi. With a flexible head and a range of power settings, this is a great entry level vibrator. £24.993/5More Information
Lelo Smart Wand
Lelo Vibrator
This stunning rechargeable cordless vibrating wand is a high end vibrator that is extremely powerful, sleek and sophisticated. It also comes with a discreet storage pouch.£78.995/5More Information

About the Hitachi Magic Wand

The Hitachi Magic Wand is an electronic muscle massager created by the Hitachi electronics company in the 1970′s. The company originally created the massager to act as a spot massager to relax muscles in hard to reach places such as the neck, shoulder blades and back, due to the large ball plastic vibrator. As the wand is mains powered the user is able to apply deep vibrating massage to ease pain in muscles and relax the bones and joints with varying speeds and intensities.

On this website we do not sell the Hitachi branded magic wand, instead we provide our own generic wands at a much more affordable price and also comparison tables of magic wands sold by other UK suppliers. Our magic wands take style notes from popular models such as the Hitachi and other popular vibrators.

Sex Toy

Although the Hitachi Wand was originally intended as a tool for sports injury rehab it is now commonly used as a sex toy. Due to the variable speeds of the magic wand and the large comfortable rubber tip it makes a very powerful female vibrator. In response to this evolution in usage the company has started to create attachments designed to be even more stimulating allowing females to reach new levels of orgasm and pleasure.


Attachments include soft tipped rubber applicators designed to go inside the vagina and stimulate the female G-Spot. There are also a variety of attachments for anal stimulation and varied clitoral stimulation.

For those of you with slightly spicier tastes, we also have fetish ware including forced orgasm Hitachi Wand holders and leather mounting belts for the wands.

Attachments come in a variety of textures and materials, each bringing there own uniquely pleasurable experience to the user. We advise that you try a variety to attachments for your wand to find the sensation that you like the best. Why not try a Hitachi wand attachment starter pack to get you going and experimenting with the different shaped wand heads.

Click here to view the full range of attachments.

Other Models

In response to the popularity of the Hitachi Wand many retailers have created there own more affordable versions of the wand that have been designed exclusively as a vibrators. Updates to the design of the wand now include wireless, battery operated wands that allow the user to be more mobile and explore more areas to use it. Other updates include a small ball head vibrator for users that feel overwhelmed by the larger original wand. Hitachi stopped trading magic wands in the UK and as a result the only available magic wands are imported from the USA.

As the Hitachi Wand was originally designed as a deep tissue massager, it is extremely powerful and delivers a very deep and intense vibration over 2 settings: moderate and intense.

Our Hitachi Wands

Our Hitachi style Wands only come with American adapter plugs as they are not designed for the UK marketplace, however, we supply a UK step down adapter free of charge when you buy a Hitachi style Wand directly from us. This means you can use your wand as soon as you get it out of the box.

Please note that this site does not sell Hitachi branded magic wands, we sell generic magic wands that lend from the Hitachi design. As genuine Hitachi Wands need to be imported from the USA, they are extremely expensive and make it hard for our customers to justify the additional costs. However, our Hitachi style wands give you all of the same power, control and great aesthetic without the brand price.

Returns Policy

If you are not happy with your magic wand for whatever reason, simply post it back to us and we will send you out a replacement completely free of charge or refund your original purchase. We are so confident that you will fall in love with your new magic wand massager that you will never want to give it up.


Discretion is of the highest importance to us, therefore we send all of our Hitachi wands in a plain sealed jiffy bag with no mention of the envelopes contents on external labels or packing slips. This allows you to order with complete peace of mind.


There are countless reviews around the web with customers raving about how good it is. If you find it hard to orgasm or really push yourself over the edge with standard vibrators, the magic wand will not disappoint. Audrey from Seattle  goes into detail about how she and her customers in the USA feel about the Magic Wand.