ModelDescriptionPriceRatingMore Information
Magic Wand Deluxe
Magic Wand Deluxe
A mains powered vibrator with varying speeds from a gentle pulse to a rampant and intense vibration.£49.994/5More Information
Mini Magic Wand
Mini Magic Wand Vibrator
This pocket rocket is the younger cousin of the magic wand deluxe. This vibrator is more compact and easier to move and work around the body. But still bringing the same orgasmic power as the deluxe.£24.994.5/5More Information
Body Wand Vibrator
bodywand vibrator
A medium sized wand vibrator with an intensity rocker to easily control the level of stimulation. Mains powered with a flexible neck to allow it to move with the contours of your body.£59.995/5More Information
Body Wand Mini Magic
bodywand mini vibrator
Turbo Strength micro vibrator that really packs a punch. This vibrator is so small it can fit in the palm of your hand. But don't let the size fool you it will really blow your hair back. £18.994/5More Information
Tracey Cox Supersex Wand
Tracey Cox SuperSex Wand
This battery powered intimate massager wand is a great alternative to the more expensive mains powered Hitachi. With a flexible head and a range of power settings, this is a great entry level vibrator. £24.993/5More Information
Lelo Smart Wand
Lelo Vibrator
This stunning rechargeable cordless vibrating wand is a high end vibrator that is extremely powerful, sleek and sophisticated. It also comes with a discreet storage pouch.£78.995/5More Information
magic wand massager

Magic Wand Massager

Experience one of the best vibrators the world has ever seen. This, Sex in the City approved, vibrator is a two speed magic wand with a soft rubber head and flexible neck. It is very quiet when it is switched on at the top setting but extremely powerful. We guarantee once you try our magic wand massager, you will never go back.





£34.99 - Free Delivery

As Seen on Sex in the City

The magic wand massager first came into the public eye via the popular TV show, Sex in the City. Below is a video of the iconic scene where Samantha wears her massager out.

Discrete Delivery & Hassle Free Returns

Our magic wand massager’s are delivered in a plain brown jiffy bag with no reference to the wand anywhere on the packaging. The packaging only contains your name and delivery address on a white label, there is no packing slip that shows the contents of the jiffy bag. We deliver all of our magic wands completely free of charge.

We deliver you package by first class post via the Royal Mail recorded delivery. Therefore you should receive your order within 48 hours of making your purchase.

We will issue a full refund if you have any issues with your magic wand or if are not happy with the product in any way. However, we cannot issue refunds for wands that have been used and are still operating normally.

About our Magic Wand Massagers

Our Magic Wand massagers are state of the art vibrators with a 2 speed setting, taking design inspiration from the popular American Hitachi Magic Wands. As our magic wands are not official Hitachi branded products, we can offer them for a much lower price than most of our competitors. This means you can experience the features of the most sought after vibrator at a fraction of the normal cost.

Please be clear our wands are not branded Hitachi Wands, our wands are our own generic magic wands. Our wands should be viewed as an affordable alternative that allows you to experience a high quality wand vibrator without needing to invest large amounts of money.

We would argue that our wands are better for the UK consumer as they have a UK plug and are set to work with UK voltage while the American Hitachi Wand requires a voltage transformer adapter to operate in the UK.

The two speed selector on the magic wand massagers can be described as moderate to intense. These wands were originally designed to be deep muscle tissue massagers, therefore the top setting is very powerful. If you find the top level vibrations are too powerful, we suggest putting a damp flannel in between the wand and your body.


Our magic wand massagers come with a range of attachments that can be purchased separately. The magic wand has male and female attachments, covering both vaginal and anal stimulation. To find out more about massager attachments go to our accessories page to compare the top attachments for your magic wand.


The magic wand comes with a removable soft silicon head that can be taken off and washed as needed. The wand itself is not waterproof and should not be used with water or submersed in and liquids such as lubricants.


Despite the intense power in our magic wand massagers there is relatively limited noise generated by the wands making them easy to use in situations where you need to be discreet such as in shared accommodation.