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The Hitachi Magic Wand is an electrical, vibrating massager effective at relieving back aches and was registered as a physical cure under the Drug and Food Administration. It was classified under therapeutic electric massagers. As stated by Hitachi, the Magic Wand was manufactured for use in relaxing and soothing of nerves, sore muscles, rehabilitating sports injuries and relieving tension. It is also known as Original Magic Wand and Magic Wand Original. Hitachi, a Japanese company, introduced the device for sale in United States in 1968. In the late 1960s, Betty Dodson, a sex educator, made it attractive as a vibrator and a tool to aid women in masturbation. Hitachi Magic Wand is useful as a clitoral vibrator that brings clitoral orgasm to women. The wand weighs 1.2 pounds and 12 inches long. Stimulation is provided by its 2.5 inches rubberized head.

In 1999, the company stated that Hitachi Magic Wand was intended for healthcare purposes. The company had some conflicts with its distributor in the United States and briefly stopped the sale of the device in 2000. Hitachi began selling the device when it reached a new deal with Vibratex. Its breakthrough was in 2002 when the device was featured in one of Sex and the City episode. The company decided to stop production of the Hitachi Magic Wand in 2013 because its name was attached to manufacturing sex toys. Hitachi was persuaded by vibratex to continue making the device under a new name “Original Magic Wand.” In 2014, the company started its production under a new name “Magic Wand Original”.

Academics have conducted studies to prove its use in treating chronic anorgasmia and female sexual arousal disorder. Anorgasmia is a sexual dysfunction where a person does not achieve orgasm. The Journal of Clinical Psychology and consulting that was published in 1979 conducted a study that proved that using this wand and self-administered treatment to be the best methods of achieving orgasm. In 2008, research findings that were published in Scientific World Journal which showed that more than 93 percent of five hundred women suffering from chronic anorgasmia could reach it by applying Betty Dodson Method and the Magic Wand. The device was also a subject of other studies that were published in articles such as Neuroscience Letters, Experimental Brain Research, Journal of Neonatal and Perinatal Nursing.

This Wand has been compared to Rolls-Royce Company in terms of its sophisticated innovations that set the pace for other vibrators. Cosmopolitan Magazine reported that Magic Wand was the favorite vibrator of many sex therapists. In 2005, Mobile Magazine readers voted it as the best gadget that has ever been produced. The Magic Wand, being a favorite brand, has a lot of aftermarket attachments that come in different patterns of studs, material and color. Various companies have produced these products without ties to Hitachi. Without the attachments, Magic Wand works efficiently to bring clitoral orgasm to women. Many Add-ons can be fitted on top of the Wand to bring more excitement to the clitoris. “Wonder Wand” is a personal attachment that produces vibrations into the vagina.

Benefits over other wands

The Wonder Wand is made from plastic that is even in consistency and can be cleaned after use. Silicone attachments that aid penetrative sensations are also available. There is an Add-on called, “G-spotter” that can be fitted to the device to turn it to a G-spot vibrator. The ‘Tip Wand Attachment’ is put on top of the Wand to mimic the cunnilingus sensations. ‘Liberator Axis’ makes the wand stable in such away that the user does not need to use her hand to hold it. This makes the Wand more efficient and comfortable to use than other wands. Magic Wand stands out of the rest of the wands because men can also use it. However, a “G-Whiz attachment” may be used to stimulate sensations to the prostate. An independent company makes an attachment that provides a cap that is attached to the top of the wand to function as the male masturbation sleeve.

The wand can be used for various functions such as massaging your sore shoulders, muscles, back, clitoris and vulva as well. Most of other vibrators have limited uses. It is the heaviest vibrator meaning that it brings the most pleasurable vibrations. Magic Wand can also be plugged into sockets on the wall since it is not only strong, but can also be considered as an appliance. The length of its code is perfect for the job, but may be difficult to use if you are far from the wall. It is made of plastic on the outer part that makes it more practical for use. On the handle is a small metal rim that helps control vibrations without the use of hands. Most people like it because it has the strongest power and vibrations as compared to other vibrators.

It is so easy to control the Hitachi Magic Wand. It has two buttons on the handle that have two types of speeds, high and higher. Depending on the kind and strength of vibrations that you want to feel, you can choose from these two speeds. The lower speed is rumbly and more powerful than other types of vibrators. The higher speed is less rumbly more effective making you have an inexplicable feeling. The lower speed has an incredible speed of 5000 vibrations per minute that other wands cannot achieve. The higher speed can produce 6000 vibrations per minute. For comparison, a washing machine can only make 1,600 rotations per minute. This means that the Wand is on its own level. Hitachi Magic Wand can produce incredible vibrations that lead to successive orgasms that other types Wands cannot achieve.

Another point worth noting is that this vibrator cannot desensitize or damage you permanently unless it is terribly faulty. The Magic Wand charge or batteries never die. This means that it can be used for a long time when there is no power or in places that do not have electric power. It is also easier to use them for outdoor activities, unlike other Wands.